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YES on Prop 105.

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Proposition 105 is Simple:

Instead of spending our tax dollars on the disastrous expansion of the light rail, the money would be used for much needed infrastructure IMPROVEMENTS THROUGHOUT THE CITY.

Building a Better Phoenix is a CITIZEN LED EFFORT to STOP the destructive $7 BILLION DOLLAR EXPANSION OF LIGHT RAIL throughout the city of Phoenix. Residents and Small Business Owners were never told of the NEGATIVE IMPACTS light rail would have ON THE COMMUNITY.

Why Vote YES on Proposition 105:

Phoenix taxpayers are wasting BILLIONS on light rail expansion at the expense of other critical infrastructure. This is money that can be used to fix our streets and sidewalks, expand bus and dial-a-ride service, improve lighting and address other infrastructure improvements.
Over 70% of Phoenix city streets are in substandard condition and will require billions to repair. Halting light rail expansion will free up the money needed to fix our roads.
Light rail is expensive! It costs over $140 MILLION DOLLARS PER MILE to build and consumes 40% of the Phoenix transportation budget.
Light rail ridership is in rapid decline, with 800,000 less light rail riders in 2018 and fewer riders in 2019. Only 1% of the population now use the light rail system.
Ending the expansion of light rail will free up billions that can be spent on fixing city streets and sidewalks, expanding bus and dial-a-ride service, improved lighting and other much needed transportation projects. And to ensure that residents can’t be misled in the future, a Citizens Transportation Committee will be tasked with soliciting public input and reviewing all future transportation expenditures made by the city.

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